Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

DIY facelift.

It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and many are happy to find that it is finally time to put away the flannel sheets and winter coats in exchange for shorts and sundresses. As you swap out your winter wardrobe, however, you may find yourself in a mess of clutter piled on over the cold and monotonous winter months. Never fear, your spring cleaning checklist is here!  Follow the list below to get these four major rooms in your home clean, fresh, and ready for the sunny months to come.


  • Starting top to bottom, begin dusting cabinets & light fixtures replacing light bulbs as needed
  • Wipe down walls, outside cabinets & all handles
  • Clean all appliances, dishwasher and microwave inside and out along with oven (use self-cleaning option or scrub on your own)
  • Remove all items from pantry and fridge. Discard any expired items and donate unwanted perishables. Deep clean inside and outside of pantry and fridge
  • Remove silverware and other utensils from drawers and clean out the inside. Discard any old or unused items to help reduce clutter, then reorganize
  • Clean off stove top, all kitchen counters, and dining table & chairs
  • Sweep & mop floor (move large appliances out of the way if possible to clean grout behind)


  • Begin by removing and cleaning out all items from medicine cabinet. Discard any old or unwanted items. Follow the same procedure for bathroom drawers and shelves
  • Deep clean shower/bathtub, shower head, and tile walls. Wash shower curtain or replace as needed. Discard any old, used, or empty bath products
  • Deep clean toilet, bathroom surfaces and mirrors
  • Wash any bath mats, rugs, or towels as necessary
  • Sweep and scrub floors


  • Dust any ceiling fans, furniture, light fixtures, wall décor, and pictures
  • Clean all mirrors, windows, blinds, & curtains
  • Clean out the closet: remove all clothes from drawers and dust entire closet, declutter and donate any old or unwanted clothing and reorganize drawers
  • Deep clean or vacuum your mattress, wash all pillows, linens, and comforter
  • Clean headboards with hot soapy water as well as any night stands or table tops
  • Sweep, mop, or vacuum all floors and underneath furniture. If the room is carpeted, deep clean or hire a carpet cleaner as needed

Family Room

  • Dust and clean all ceiling fans, walls, light fixtures, windows, blinds, curtains, picture frames and décor
  • Wash all couch cushions, sofa covers, and throw blankets
  • Shake out and vacuum rugs
  • Clean TV, remote, and other electronics
  • Declutter any tableside drawers or bookshelves and toss old items such as magazines or old batteries and remote controls
  • Vacuum, mop, or sweep depending on the type of floor. Move furniture to clean areas underneath and behind

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