5 Fun and Patriotic Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not only a day we remember, it is also a day we celebrate! We celebrate our proud American heritage and we remember our nation’s fallen heroes who have lost their lives protecting our country.  Whether you chose to spend the holiday weekend out of town or at home with the kids, there are plenty of ways to honor our beloved land of the free while remembering the brave. Here are five fun and patriotic ways you can celebrate Memorial Day this weekend.

  • Get Crafty: Get crafty with the kids this weekend! Make your own American flags out of red, white, and blue construction paper or get loud with make your own noise makers. Pinterest offers hundreds of ideas and the kids will have a blast celebrating their country in a creative, artistic, and patriotic way!
  • Send a Care Package to a Soldier: Honor a soldier who is currently risking their life to protect our country by sending them a care package! Anysoldier.com offers a full list of items to send and tells you where to send them as well.
  • Have a BBQ: Hosting an annual BBQ is a classic way to celebrate Memorial Day. Invite family and friends over and enjoy all kinds of American themed foods and desserts! Get sparklers for the kids and create the perfect Memorial Day BBQ music playlist to play all day long. Decorate your lawn with mini American Flags and red, white, & blue tablecloths, napkins, and plates as well.
  • Go to a Parade- Celebrate this holiday by attending a parade in your area! Many past and present soldiers march in dedication to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and you can be there to give them the applause they deserve. Parades are also a ton of fun for the kids! Here is a list of parades and activities you can attend in the WI area.
  • Visit or Volunteer: Thank a veteran by giving back. Volunteer at a veteran’s center for the day to show your support for those who have risked their lives for ours. You can also thank the fallen soldiers by taking time out of your day to visit a memorial or national cemetery. Have a moment of silence to remember and honor their bravery.

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