Father’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Dad

  • Outdoorsy Dad: If your Dad is one with nature and prefers to do his shopping at a Cabela’s or any REI store, then a new hunting knife from Swiss Army may just be the perfect gift for pop. Personalize it with his initials or the date he became a father for the first time to add sentimental value and you may just reach the soft spot you know is him somewhere.
  • Foodie Dad: You love your Dad for many reasons, one of which being that he loves to cook you delicious food. Why not get him something he really wants this year like that brand new shiny grill he’s had his eye on for a while now. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more (or a lot more) affordable, stop in at Williams-Sonoma to pick up any one of these cool kitchen gadgets.
  • Sporty Dad: Be Dad’s biggest fan this year and score him some extra work out gear or new running shoes from your local sports store. If you have a little extra money to spend on Dad for his special day though, you may want to think about purchasing him an activity tracker like the Fitbit Charge HR Activity wrist band to help him get the most out of every work out.
  • Tech Savvy Dad: If your tech savvy Dad is pretty good with staying “hip” and “up to date” on the new gadgets, a smart watch may be the perfect gift for him. While an Apple watch may break your bank account, you can find much cheaper options that will still wow even the trendiest Dad. The Motorola Moto 360 offers the cool features of a smart watch while still giving Dad a professional appearance so he can wear his watch to work or out on the town.
  • Stylish Dad: If you’ve got a stylish Dad in your life who dresses probably better than you do, it can be hard to find the exact right clothing item for him. That is why you can never go wrong with a fancy accessory. Buy Dad some fresh cologne, shiny new cufflinks, or a slick new pair of sunglasses that will be perfect additions to his many looks.
  • Party Animal Dad: Your Dad is the life of the party! He always appreciates a good drink so you know you can never go wrong with giving dad a whiskey gift set aged 12 years. Or, for the beer loving Dad, do something different than your usual gift of a 6 pack and sign him up for the beer of the month club. Once a member, he will receive a 12 pack of different beers from all over the U.S. every month.
  • Traveler Dad: If your dad is always on the go, then a multi-passport case may be the perfect jet-set accessory that will allow him to travel in style. To add sentimental value to the gift, add a picture of you and him on the inside to keep you with him wherever he goes.

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