Staging Tips to Help Your Home Sell Fast

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We’ve all been taught early on to “never judge a book by its cover”. When it comes to home shopping though, you can expect the very fate of your home sale to depend on other’s judgements. For example, if a buyer is turned off by the gaudy paint color you once chose to give your home some edge, it can send them running for the door. Bottom line: home staging can make or break your sale, so here are some staging tips to help your home sell fast!

  • Declutter: Rule #1 to staging your home right is to declutter! Clutter in your home makes buyers feel as if they are invading your space and prevents them from picturing the home as their So box up any excessive home décor, family pictures, toys, and old magazines to give your home the open and clean look it deserves.
  • Floating Furniture: Ignore the age old method of pushing your couch up against the wall to create more space and invest time in making your furniture “float”. Reposition your sofas and chairs away from the wall and towards each other to create a conversational group instead. This will give the space easy traffic flow and make it more user friendly.
  • Brighten Up: A very important rule of staging is to show off your home with warm and welcoming lighting. Improper lighting can cast shadows and cause rooms to look dark and unappealing, so brighten up by adding fixtures (3 types of lighting per room is recommended) and higher wattage bulbs to help feature each room in your home.
  • Finish Projects: Remember that project you started working on last spring? Finish it. Unfinished projects such as chipped paint, scratched floors, sidewalk cracks or missing floorboards tend to be looked at as “red flags” to potential buyers and can easily scare them off.
  • Go Neutral: Giving your room a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference to potential buyers. As an inexpensive and easy way to quickly upgrade your home, painting a neutral themed color throughout your space like a soft blue or gray can help attract buyers over bold, loud colors that turn buyers away.
  • Accessorize: Just because your home is neutral, clean and decluttered doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Adding in the right accessories can help make a room more appealing and inviting to guests. Don’t be afraid to mix in some decorative candles, fresh flowers and creative art to make your home stand out- just don’t go overboard.

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