Moving Tips

Some things to remember as you transition into your new home…

1.  Go to your post office and fill out a “change of address” form.  Include IRS, magazine subscriptions, etc.

2.  Stop all newspaper deliveries.

3.  Set up new banking accounts and cancel old ones.

4.  Transfer your utility services.  This includes tv, internet, water, electric, etc.

  • WE Engeries – 1-800-242-9137
  • Charter – 1-888-619-5102
  • Time Warner – 1-866-461-9843
  • Direct TV – 1-855-229-4388
  • Dish Network – 1-855-363-7891

5.  Verify that your trash removal service is covered through your real estate tax bill.  In some cases you will need to arrange for private trash removal service.

6.  Get an updated driver’s license.

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