How to Stage Your Home During the Holidays


Selling your home this holiday season? Unwrap these tips to help you stage it just right!

Remember the Year ‘Round Rule

No matter what time of year it is, the number one rule in preparing your home for potential buyers is to clean & declutter. Before you even start thinking about staging your furniture or what décor you may use, it is crucial to deep clean & get rid of excess clutter that could turn off potential home buyers. While you are going through the cleaning process, be sure to depersonalize your home as well. This can be hard during the holidays, but it is always easier for buyers to picture themselves living in your home if you remove all pictures or personal knick knacks that make the home yours.

Get in the Holiday Spirit

Now is the time to embrace the holiday season! Fill your home with winter décor and scents that give buyers that holly jolly feeling. Set up the tree, but make sure it is one that best compliments your home. For example, get a tall tree to show off your two story great room, or a smaller, skinny tree that doesn’t overwhelm your floor space in your cozy living room.  Skip the gaudy ornaments and go with something clean and simple that won’t clash with your wall color such as hues of blue and silver. Stick to simple string lights and don’t clutter your fireplace with large personal stockings or heavy garland displays. It is important to relish in the time of year and use it to your advantage. The point is to romance buyers with your beautiful display, not make them feel like they stepped into the holiday section at a department store.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Last but not least, do not forget about curb appeal! The mantra here to remember is “less is more”.  If you’re selling this season, skip the giant inflatable Santa Clause and the Christmas light display that would put even Clark Griswold to shame and go for subtlety. A nice, Christmassy wreath on your front door and good lighting can go a long way in potential buyer’s eyes. If you have shrubs out front, wrap them delicately with white lights and illuminate your front walk way as well with a path of lights. It is also important here to make sure your driveway is clear of snow & ice that could potentially harm potential buyers coming to check out your home.

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