How to Make & Keep Your New Year’s Resolution


Skip those far reaching resolutions this year and promise yourself something you can actually achieve! Here are some ideas for your realistic yet optimistic 2016 New Year’s Resolutions list.

HEALTH: When it comes to making a NYR surrounding your health, rather than focusing on numbers like “my new year’s resolution is to lose 10 pound!”  focus on the small steps it will take to get you there. This is where you begin! Resolve to hit the gym three times a week and follow up on your promise by writing it down on your calendar and setting reminders. Rather than resolving to “go on a diet”, get specific and promise yourself to eat out only a certain number of times per week/month. Taking these small measures will help you to establish healthy habits overall that you are way more likely to keep than your broad and difficult ones you fall back on every year.

FUN: This year, why not resolve to simply do more of what you love? Rather than throwing finances to the wind and resolving to “spend every weekend doing something you’ve never done”, keep it easy! If you love spending time with family, opt to have a Sunday night dinner every week that your whole family can enjoy together. If your favorite thing is to paint but you find yourself 3 episodes into the new season of your favorite show during your free time instead, promise yourself one hour a week with the canvas. Just be careful here that you don’t become too vague when promising to do more of what you love. Vague resolutions tend to fall by the way side come the end of January.

RELATIONSHIP: Again, the central theme of this post to keep things simple definitely applies to your romantic resolutions too! If you are alone, don’t resolve for 2016 to be “the year you find love” or meet your soulmate, simply resolve to put yourself out there more or be more open to dating. Try new things and devote more time to loving yourself instead of spending all your time and energy looking for someone to love. If you are in a relationship, resolve to spend more time together or make a designated “date night” and stick to it!

WORK: Maybe your work goals are simple. You want to “get a promotion” in 2016 or you want to “become more organized” at work. Maybe your resolution is even to “stop working so much”. Either way, to give yourself a chance at achieving any of these things, you must remember that it is not about the end goal, but about the journey to it. If you wish to become more organized, make specific resolutions to keep a “to-do list” every day or clean your desk every Friday before you leave work so you have a fresh work space on Monday. If you want a promotion, don’t just expect one to fall into your lap or for your boss to hand you one. Resolve to take the necessary steps to get you there whether that be to schedule a meeting with your boss to ask for more responsibly or attend more networking events and out of office gatherings to show your ambition. If your desire is to work less or spend more time focusing on your family or personal life, resolve to stay off your work emails after office hours or on weekends. Leave it for Monday and be present where you are, when you are.

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