New Year, New Design Trends

Give your space a fresh face with these design trends that are predicted to be big in 2016.

Photo courtesy of House Beautiful
  • Colors: While 2015 was all about the neutrals, colorful rooms are what’s trending this year. According to top interior designers, shades of lilac/purples, milky blues, dark teal and bold green are what’s in for 2016. Don’t go painting over your neutrals just yet though, clean white and 50 shades of gray are here to stay!
Photo courtesy of Refinery 29
  • Patterned Tiles: In 2016, we will start to see intricately patterned tiles throughout homes in various places like kitchen back-splashes, bathroom shower tiles and floors, accent walls, and fireplace mantles.
Photo courtesy of Elle Decor
  • Black Stainless Steel Appliances: According to the experts, the days of silver stainless steel are out and sleek black appliances are in. At any rate, either is better than the previous “trend” of pastel colored ovens.
Photo courtesy of Elle Decor
  • Formal Dining: Formal dining rooms are back! In 2016, buyers are looking to keep formal dining rooms rather than turn them into home offices or media rooms like years past. Cheers to once again sitting down for family meals instead of eating at the breakfast bar!
Photo courtesy of Elle Decor
  • Mismatched Cabinets: If 2015 had you thinking you needed to paint your cabinets that traditional white, think again! Mismatched or two tone cabinets are all the rage in 2016 and we can see why with their modern yet stylish futuristic look.
Photo courtesy of HGTV
  • Get Smart: It’s 2016 which means it’s officially time to get rid of our energy depleting appliances and get smart! Energy efficient homes are on the rise, so why not upgrade your home AND save some cash with the latest smart home technology?


Fads That are SO 2015
  • Mason Jars: Mason jar decor is out. Repeat, mason jar decor is out.
  • Chalkboard Walls: While they were once cool and convenient in their heyday, it’s time to leave the trend of chalkboard walls in 2015 where you left your willingness to decorate them with perfect chalk handwriting.
  • Chevron: Labeled one of the most over-used home design trends, chevron is officially labeled outdated in 2016.

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