Why You Need an Annual Mortgage Review


Another year has passed which means you’ve maintained another year of home-ownership! Congratulations. Before you pop the champagne though, it is essential to evaluate the past year, where your mortgage is currently at, and your plans for the future. Having a yearly mortgage checkup, like an annual physical or dental exam, is just as important to ensure your financial health is well and on track.

If you’ve undergone any of the below changes over the past year, you may need to take time to sit down with your mortgage professional to discuss your financial goals and opportunities.

  1. Personal change (marriage, divorce, etc.)
  2. New job/position
  3. In need of extra finances (home improvement projects, college expenses, etc.)
  4. Retirement planning
  5. New home/vacation home/ investment property
  6. Looking to eliminate private mortgage insurance (PMI)
  7. Looking to pay off your home loan faster

The first step…

If you’ve undergone any of these changes or find yourself moving in a different direction for the future, contact us today to schedule your annual review and take advantage of the opportunities available to you! Once we get in touch, we will briefly review your current information and, if warranted, schedule a time to meet either in person or over the phone. This time spent together brainstorming will ensure you are properly aligned in using your home and it’s equity to achieve your long-term financial goals.

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