Pre-Spring Cleaning Checklist

Woman Cleaning Mirror

With spring only a month away, why not use this weekend to get a jump start on your spring-cleaning projects? Here is your mini checklist to get you started:

  • Clean Out Your Closets: don’t put away all your winter stuff just yet, it’s still February in Wisconsin after all, but do start taking inventory of what you have, what you can put away for next year, and what you can give away all together.
  • Pull Out Your Spring-Attire: make room for spring clothing in those closets! After all, when a warm day in March hits, you’ll want to be prepared. This is also a great time to go through your clothes, jackets, shoes, etc. and decide if there’s anything you can ditch before those sunny days hit.
  • Do a Safety Check: any time of year is the right time to make sure your home is a safe place for you and your family! Take a moment to check and change the batteries of your smoke detectors and test your carbon monoxide monitor as well.
  • Swap Your Bedding: now is the time to launder and put away all of your winter bedding including heavy quilts & blankets. Replace with lighter, brighter, and breezier (more weather appropriate) covers and pillow cases. While you’re at it, flip your mattress and wash or replace all pillows too.
  • Prep Your Patio: it may be a little early to enjoy the outdoors, but it’s never too early to prep your patio furniture for the months to come! Repair and re-new any cracks, creaks, or critter damaged décor and give that wicker furniture some new life with reupholstered bright new colored fabrics for spring.

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