Lucky Charms for the Home

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! On this holiday, people everywhere celebrate in numerous ways including toasting pints of Guinness and dawning green from head to toe. Another well-known St. Paddy’s tradition is to wish and hope for good luck. If you find yourself short of a pot of gold come March 18th though, don’t fret! Turns out, you can hope for good luck all year ‘round with these at home lucky charms.

Cinnamon Sticks: Seeking fortune? Good news, cinnamon sticks are said to bring you a steady income. Try keeping a small bundle in your purse or wallet. Whether they bring you financial prosperity or not, at least you can count on your purse or wallet smelling fresh!
Your Pet Goldfish: Did you know your family goldfish could be more than just a cheap pet? According to some, goldfish are symbols of positivity and prosperity and may even bring you good fortune!
• 3 Keys: Carry good luck with you wherever you go with a set of three keys! Three keys worn together are said to be lucky as each one unlocks the doors to health, wealth and love (happiness).
• Bamboo: Want to practice feng shui and bring good luck into your home? Get a two for one deal by adding a “lucky bamboo” plant to your décor. Adding this plant to your home will help combine the feng shui elements of water, wood and earth and will bring you great blessing and fortune based on the number of stalks the plant has. Two stalks means love, six for luck!
• Lucky Horseshoe: Ever heard of a lucky horseshoe? The use of horseshoes in the home are said to ward off evil spirits depending on which way you hang it. Some believe it should be hung in the upwards position to keep all the good luck in the home while others believe pointing the horseshoe down will attract good fortune that will surround the home.

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