Summer 2016 Bucket List


Summer 2016 is officially ONE MONTH AWAY and we could not be more ready for it! Make this summer your best one yet by checking as many things as you can off the list below.

Here is your official summer 2016 bucket list:

  1. Get out to the ballgame: Baseball games are a summer staple! Don’t forget to tailgate, too.
  2. Attend a music festival: Whether it’s a large music festival or a small local band playing at your favorite bar, get out three and enjoy some live music this summer.
  3. Take a road trip: Is it even summer without a summer road trip?!
  4. Frolic at the fair: Who doesn’t love the fair? Go enjoy the rides, animals, food & fun!
  5. Be a beach bum: Heading to the beach is a summer must. Enjoy the ocean waves or lake breeze, sun and sand!
  6. Be a tourist in your own town: Exploring your own town like a tourist may take you places you never even knew existed.
  7. Go to the zoo: Visiting your local zoo in the summer is the best! Check your zoo’s schedule for special events happening over the season.
  8. Unplug: Turn off your phone for a weekend and just be in the moment!
  9. Have a movie marathon: Take a day off work or devote a weekend to an epic movie marathon!
  10. Go camping: The great outdoors, a cozy campfire, s’mores…what’s not to love?
  11. Run for fun: Enjoy a jog outside or challenge yourself by signing up for a 5k or marathon this summer!
  12. Have a picnic: Pack a basket full of goodies and head outside, even if it’s in your own back yard.
  13. Star gaze: What’s summer without looking up at the stars on a warm evening?
  14. Volunteer: Do some good this summer and volunteer your time to a cause you care about.
  15. Get lost in a book: There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a great book. Grab a new read and make it your goal to finish it before the summers over.
  16. Go for a hike: Summer is the perfect time to go hiking! Find a nearby national park to explore and enjoy the scenery.
  17. Enjoy every second: Unfortunately, all summers must come to an end. Make the most of your days and enjoy every second of this beautiful season!

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