What Hiring an Agent Can Do for You

House and Keys in Female Hands

If you’re embarking on the home selling or home purchasing process, having a trusty real estate professional to help you along the way may be beneficial in more ways than one. Read on to see what hiring a real estate agent can do for you.

Buying a Home:

The home buying journey is easier with an experienced guide to show you how it’s done and help you along the way. Hiring a real estate professional to assist you in your home purchase can simplify the entire process by helping you to

  • Connect with an experienced mortgage professional to get you pre-approved, help you determine how much home you can afford, and help you apply for a home loan
  • Find your perfect home by searching and showing you listings both listed and unlisted that meet your criteria
  • Schedule meetings with buyers agents and offer you valuable advice throughout the process
  • Make an offer once you find your dream home and be by your side through all of the negotiations
  • Submit earnest money to express the level of serious interest to the seller
  • Connect you with an appraiser to perform a professional home inspection to ensure the home you want to purchase is worth the purchase price
  • Protect your biggest investment by connecting you with insurance carriers


Selling a Home:

Hiring an agent to help you sell your home can benefit you, the seller, in a number of ways including saving you money in the long run and informing you of current market trends and buyer needs. Having a real estate professional by your side during the selling process can also help you to

  • Determine the true value of your home based on factors such as location, current interest rates, your home’s condition, etc.
  • Know your competition by showing you what is currently on the market to help you price and market your home efficiently
  • Prepare your home for sale by offering tips or connecting you with a professional home stager to ensure your home is at its best for potential buyers
  • Show and market your home to various potential buyers during the process
  • Close the sale by meeting with the buyer and buyer’s agent along with the escrow agent and title company

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