5 Things to Do for a Smooth Move


Moving? Here are some things you can do to be extra prepared before the big day!

Plan your Packing

Don’t plan on packing up your entire place all in one swoop. Manage your time wisely by finding out in advance exactly how many moving boxes and containers you will likely need and how much time it will take you. Try giving yourself a daily box quota to meet in order to avoid a stressful non-stop packing weekend. Also, take advantage of these awesome moving hacks from Buzzfeed to help make your move a little easier.

Make the Switch

While this may seem like a no brainer, setting up your utilities is an important task that is sometimes forgotten during the madness of moving. Whether you’re moving into a new home or an apartment, schedule your utilities and internet/cable to switch over on moving day to ensure a smooth transition. It is also important to remember to have your children’s school records transferred if leaving the district, forward your personal/family medical records and to notify important parties such as your bank, HR department, insurance, credit card companies, etc. of your move. Lastly, do not forget to do a change of address at your local post office and obtain a new license with new address.

Go Exploring

Do you know where you will do your local grocery shopping or where the nearest hospital is? While it’s likely that you are familiar with the neighborhood or area you’re moving to, sometimes moving to a new place can leave you unaware of your surroundings. Before you move, take some time to explore the area, travel your daily commute, and meet your neighbors so that you may be as prepared as possible in your new home.

Purge your Current Place

Before you move into your new home, take some time to clean and purge your current place of items you don’t need. Moving is a great time to sort through all of your belongings, room by room, and decide what to keep and what to toss. Think about what items will require special packing and what items can be donated. Prior to moving day, discard food items you do not wish to bring with you and remember to empty and defrost your fridge at least 24 hours in advance if you are taking it with you.

Get Excited

As exciting as moving into a new place may be, saying goodbye can be hard. Ease your nostalgia and get excited for the move by creating “new home” Pinterest boards to get you in the spirit! Visualize your life in your new home and be sure to unpack as soon as possible so you will begin to feel settled sooner. If all else fails and you are still feeling sentimental, snap photos of your home to bring with you or record a video for your own personal memories.

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