Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

mowing the lawn

We are officially one month into the summer and while you may have been busy working on home improvement projects the past few months, it’s important to remember the little maintenance duties that need to be done around the house come each season, too.

Here is your handy indoor & outdoor maintenance checklist to ensure your home is in tip top shape this summer.


  • Change or clean heating, ventilating and air conditioning filters
  • Check your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Consult manufacturer to determine if your furnace needs filter changes
  • Clean kitchen appliances inside and out, including refrigerator coils
  • Clean drains
  • Drain or flush water heater
  • Inspect home for possible insect/rodent problems


  • Deep clean your outdoor grill’s interior and exterior
  • Inspect your deck for any signs of rotting or loose nails
  • Slide open crawl space vents at the exterior foundation of your home
  • Prune trees and shrubs
  • Remove lint from dryer exhaust vent with long flexible brush
  • Uncover central air conditioner and install window air conditioners
  • Refill cracks on walkway or driveway

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