End of Summer To-Do List


Summer 2016, we are sad to see you go!

Just as soon as it came in, summer is sadly already on its way out. That is why we’re bringing you every last thing you need to squeeze in before the first leaves fall and the kids go back to school. See below for your end of summer to-do list!

Hit the Road

If you haven’t had time for a summer getaway, don’t fret. August is a great time to squeeze in a last minute road trip with your family or friends! Take a much needed break from your regular day to day life, pack up the car, choose a destination and go.

Be Brave

Get out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve never done before like skydiving or waterskiing to help make summer 2016 more memorable!

Throw an End of Summer Bash

Now that all the parties from the 4th of July have died down a bit, it’s time to get together with family & friends one last time to celebrate a great summer had and great year to come!

Have a Garage Sale

If you haven’t had time to participate in your neighborhood’s annual garage sale, take a weekend to have one of your own! That way, you can clear out old, unwanted items and prepare your home for the new season to come.

Catch a Flick

Still haven’t had a chance to catch the must see summer blockbuster that everyone’s been talking about? Head to the movies! Better yet, head to a local outdoor theater to enjoy your movie on a warm summer night.

Camp Out Under the Stars

Whether you pack everything up and head to a campsite far away or lay out a sleeping bag in your back yard, now is a great time to fit in one last summer camp out!

Enjoy some Sun & Fun

If you haven’t had a chance to yet, now is the time to enjoy the last of the warm weather at your local beach or pool. Don’t forget the SPF!


Summer is a great time to help those in need around your community! Take a day or weekend before the season ends to help out at your local church, park, food shelter, etc.

Challenge Yourself

Why not finally set yourself up to achieve goals you had at the start of summer? Sign up for a run, read that novel, learn a new language, whatever it may be, set your goal and go for it!

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Before everyone is busy again with the hustle & bustle of a new school year, weekend activities, and holidays, it is important to set extra time aside to spend with those you love and care about.

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