How to Hide Clutter


How to Hide Clutter

Ever wonder how you got so much “stuff”? Your clutter may add up fast, but there are strategic ways you can hide it. Here are 8 ways you can hide your clutter:

  1. Landing zone. Do you walk in the door from a long day and just drop your stuff? Add a storage bench in your entry way/mud room to keep your stuff organized and out of the way. For more ideas on entry way/mud rooms, follow us on Pinterest.
  2. Clear the counters. Don’t let your stuff pile up on your counter space. Clean out your cabinets and see if you can add items in there.
  3. Add storage baskets. There are clever ways to add storage space that look like décor. Add a storage basket or trunk to store items like blankets, remotes and more.
  4. Style bookcases. Don’t fill your bookcases to the max — they will look stuffed and full of clutter. Accessorize lightly and stack books in unique patterns.
  5. Downsize. Go through your things and see if there’s anything you do not use anymore. You will gain more storage space.
  6. Organize your closet. There are plenty of ways you can organize your closet! From hanging items backward and changing them forward when you use it, using a closet organizer, grab a fancy shoe box — get creative! For more ideas, follow us on Pinterest.
  7. Recycle your magazines and newspapers. Go through your mail and file what you need to save, recycle what you don’t need.
  8. Clean your medicine cabinet. Check the expiration date on your medicine and toss/recycle. Add organization cubes, bring in color with new paint!

Enjoy your home and remove the clutter. Visit us on Pinterest for more fun storage ideas!

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