Creative Ways to Make Your House Cozy

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The snow is falling and the temperatures are dropping — time to go home! There’s nothing better about a snowy, winter day than coming home to a warm and cozy house. Here are 8 creative ways to make your house cozy:

  1. Add candles. Expensive candles, cheap candles, LED candles — any candle!
  2. Add warm lighting. Pick up a few tinkly lights or fairy lights to hang around your house. Grab a few incandescent lights to add here and there in your home. Install a dimmer switch. A dimly lit room will give the appearance of being warm, cozy and inviting.
  3. Add warmer furnishings. If you have cold hardwood floors in your home, add a thick rug. Grab a warm, fuzzy blanket the next time you’re out shopping for your couch.
  4. Add slippers. Keeping your feet warm will help you stay warm. Add a pair of warm, thick, fuzzy slippers or slipper socks to your collection.
  5. Add something on the stove. You can fill a pot with some good smelling things and turn your stove on. OR you can make something yummy too. Here are a few of our favorite recipes.
  6. Add a humidifier. As the air gets colder, it also gets drier indoors. Grab a humidifier and your place will feel warmer.
  7. Add a fire in your fireplace. A fireplace will help heat your home, but it will also make it cozy and comfy.
  8. Add your favorite tunes. Nothing makes a snow/cold day better than adding your favorite tunes. Watch your favorite movie, listen to your favorite song.

PS 49 days until Spring.

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