DIY Curb Appeal

Inlanta Pewaukee

DIY Curb Appeal

Improving your curb appeal can be easy and affordable! Whether you are looking to make some improvements or are getting ready to sell your house, adding curb appeal can bring so much value to your house. Plus, it could make it easier to sell!

Here are a few curb appeal tips:

  • Paint your front door. For a quick and easy pick-me-up, paint your front door! The entry of your home should reflect the interior — so pick a color that resembles you. Update your hardware too.
  • Replace your light fixtures. New light fixtures can not only make your house feel safe but it can also bring some modern elements to the exterior.
  • Add lighting. If your landscape doesn’t have any lighting, grab some low-voltage lighting to increase your curb appeal.
  • Add flowers. Plant flowers along the walkway to add color to the exterior of your house.
  • Add mulch. One of the cheapest ways to jazz up the look of your yard is by laying down mulch.
  • Give your fence some TLC. If the paint on your fence is chipping, repaint it. If it’s past the point of saving, replace it!

For more curb appeal tips, visit our Pinterest page.

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