Mortgage vs. Deed of Trust: Know the Difference

For first-time home buyers in particular, home financing documentation can be confusing. First, it’s important to know that the document that shows how much you owe your lender is called a “note” and you make a note payment monthly. But when you purchase a home, the document that shows who owns the property is called … Continue reading Mortgage vs. Deed of Trust: Know the Difference

Submit the Perfect Home Loan Application

Knowing how to submit the perfect home loan application can help you start your homeownership journey off on the right foot. Here are some helpful tips to ensure a smooth loan process. For a Smooth Process An Inlanta Mortgage loan application is your first step to homeownership! No documentation is needed to submit a loan … Continue reading Submit the Perfect Home Loan Application

Mortgage Myths Debunked

Pre-qualifications and pre-approvals are the same thing. FALSE Pre-qualifications will give you an idea of what kind of loan you may qualify for and can typically be completed in minutes. This informal estimate may be just fine for those in the very early stages of the home buying process. Pre-approvals are more involved and are … Continue reading Mortgage Myths Debunked